Worcester & Malvern CS


Thank you to the officers and committee for inviting me to judge at this friendly show and to the all important exhibitors for showing their lovely dogs under me. I was most impressed with the depth of quality in both breeds especially in the early classes – bodes well for the future. Irish Setter PB (2,1) 1 Berry & Morris’ Quensha What A Girl Wants Via Brinara. This is a very immature girl with a pretty feminine head and kind eye. Found her shoulders to be ok but needs to develop in depth of forechest. Although she has adequate body for her age she needs time to develop in width throughout which I hope she will. BPB. I agreed with my co-judge for the dog puppy to go BPIB as I loved his overall shape and balance, his well proportion head with good rise of brow, he excels in front with good depth. He is well ribbed for age, moved sound with drive from strong quarters, very promising. I see he made PG2 well done! JB (4) 1 Sharman & Jennings-Sharman’s Kerrimere Red Ribbon. She appealed for breed type and balance, her feminine, well proportioned head with correct planes. Strong in front with good depth to brisket, well sprung ribs extending well back. Holds a good topline to correct tail set and carriage, just needs some new clothes to complete the picture. Moved sound. 2 Fox’s Kerryfair Special Diamond. Another bitch of good quality but of different type to 1. Liked her head and her well made front with adequate depth to forechest, well sprung ribs and strong quarters. Not so together as 1 on the move. 3 Richardson’s Brabrook True Violet For Montgreenan. YB (5) 1 Mugford’s Lynwood Abracadabra JW. What a gem! So glad I found what i was looking for, screamed breed type to me as soon as she entered the ring and didn’t disappoint with closer inspection. Racy, balanced and full of quality with good depth all through. Best front of the day, correct body, well sprung ribs which extended back to a strong loin. Well muscled quarters, moved out with drive and accuracy and held it together in profile. Delighted to award her BB and with my co judge’s agreement BOB over a very nice dog. 2 Sharman & Jennings-Sharman’s Kerrimere Red Ribbon. 3 Fox’s Kerryfair Special Diamond. PGB (4) Two nice bitches of very different types. 1 Bridgwater’s Blazing Bronze Eye Candy (Imp NL). Bitch of good balance with a good depth to forechest. Strong body with good ribbing, well muscled quarters, moved sound with purpose. 2 Hyslop’s Gwendariff On A Rollacoasta. Preferred the head on this bitch, strong front with good depth, correct body and strong quarters, but untidy on the move which tipped the balance for me. 3 Berry & Morris’ Brinara Lowri JW. OB (5,1) 1 Davies’ Tarandell Wispa’s Desire. Scored in head and expression over 2, good breed type, liked her depth of forechest. Strong, well angulated quarters, moved sound, correct tail set and carriage. 2 Corless’ Swiftlark First Edition. Another good bitch with good depth, mature in body, strong quarters, moved sound with drive. 3 Drinkwater’S Brabrook Bippity Boppity. 

  Michael Masters