Those of you who are SEISC Members or have recently left comments on the “Contact Us” page will have today received an email asking you to click on the Blue Update Settings button  and then opt-into EMail by ticking box. This will grant us permission to send emails to you and abide with the GDPR ( General Data Protection EU Act ). If you are a member and have not received this email we  probably have an old or incorrect email address on our system so please contact us using the “Contact Us” with correct email address. 

In the future any News Posts added onto website will be also delivered to you by email an example being this news post. So you will here about all pending show information and results together, with Breed/Health related articles firstly by email.

You can also take the opportunity to update your other details when clicking on the Blue Button & have already noticed this happening today.

Finally it is important that you do respond to the GDPR email as legislation requires us to stop sending you email if not granted permission.