ISCW Champ 2021 Dogs


I would like to thank the committee for the invitation to judge dogs at their show and to the exhibitors for their quality entry on this my first CC appointment for the breed in the UK. Also my stewards who assisted me on the day. The day was extremely hot but I thought all exhibits coped well in the conditions. In general I thought the breed has improved, especially in front and rear balance and as such movement was also improved, in both forward reach and drive coming from the rear. I did notice though that many were short in rib and consequently rather long in loin.


Minor Puppy (4/1)1st Sturrock’s Forfarian Dusty Bottoms. BPD. Very nice, and just a baby with lots to come. Well off for bone, and starting to shape up with balanced front and rear quarters. Masculine head with nicely shaped eyes rising brows and low set ears. Moved well between bouts of giddiness. 2nd Needs’ Covarney It Takes Time. Another nice boy who could easily change places with 1 on another day. Well presented with a racy outline. Still developing but everything there. Sound on the move. 3rd Lee’s Danwish Danehill.

Puppy (2/1) 1st D Danehill. 3rd in MP. Built on stronger lines, standing alone. Pleasing outline with good bone. Masculine head, well constructed quarters. Moved ok.

Junior (8/3) 1st Stewart-Ritchie’s Gwendariff Mr President. Excellent breed type. Fabulous head with nicely shaped eyes raised brows and low set ears. Nice balance and good angles both fore and aft. Moved with style . 2nd Richardson’s Gwendariff Tullys Red Arrows. Very similar in type to 1 with same comments re head and overall balance Nice racy appearance. Moved well. Little to separate from 1 and places could easily reverse on another day. 3rd Bott Allen & Morgan’s Quensha Take a Bow.

Yearling (3/1) 1st Crocker & Lewis’ Riverbrue Wondeerwall at Hernwood. Well proportioned dog with good head planes, dark eye and low set ears, strong arched neck into well laid shoulders. Good topline and well angled rear quarters, moved well. 2nd Dufrat’s Riverbrue Cast no Shadow on Haverley. Racy boy with excellent head, raised brows and low set ears., Nicely arched neck into well angled forquarters good depth and spring of rib, strong rear quarters with low hocks. Moved well in side profile but a little close going away.

Novice (13/3) 1st Cohen’s Lynwood Merry May King with Shushana. Nice size and presented a balanced outline. Good head with parallel planes. Neck flowed smoothly into well laid shoulders. Nicely angled forquarters, good depth and spring of rib. Strong loin and good rear quarters. Moved well 2nd G Tullys Red Arrows. 3rd Russell’s Melmara Montalbano.

Graduate (11/3) 1st Willis’ Gwendariff The Grand Master at Jacwilins. Very nice boy, handsome, with a racy outline, and balanced proportions. Well shaped dark eyes, raised brows and low set ears. Nicely angled both fore and aft, with a gentle slope to his topline. Moved with reach and drive. 2nd L Merry May King with S. 3rd Henderson Szwajkowski Pike’s Redclyst Pershing.

Post Graduate (9) 1st Needs’ Covarney Paco Rabanne at Stourford. Strongly built dog with masculine head. Nicely arched neck into clean shoulders. Strong backline and good tail set. Well angled rear quarters. Moved well. 2nd Bailey’s Danaway Desert Song. Lovely boy of classic type. Best of heads with beautiful soft expression. Built on racy lines with no exaggerations. Nice size. Had a tendency to crab on the move. 3rd Macdonald’s Redclyst Head Full of Dreams.

Limit (11/1) 1st Dewar’s Gwendariff Willy Wont He. CC BOB BIS. This boy caught my eye on entering the ring, he just stood away from everything else. Fabulous head which was masculine yet refined with parallel planes, eyes were correctly shaped, dark and full of expression, with raised brows. He had nice low set ears which lay against a strong , nicely curved neck , flowing into well constructed shoulders and forehand assembly. His topline sloped gently over of a good length of deep and well sprung ribs. His loin was strong and his rear quarters had width of both thigh and second thigh ending with nice low set hocks. Coat and colour were correct and he moved with drive from the rear and good forward reach enabling him to cover the ground as he should. 2nd Rutherford & Judge’s Riverbrue Galiano Fizz to Clonageera. RCC. RBD. Another excellent one, He had quality written all over him. Balanced proportions and a beautiful racy outline. His head had all the attributes of the standard with a soft sweet expression. Superb front assembly with good forechest, strong slightly sloping topline and strong loin. Correctly angled croup and set on tail. Well turned stifles, low hocks and good feet. In super coat and condition. Excellent mover. 3rd Lorrimer’s Kerrimere Classique.

Open (8/2) 1st Stockton’s ShCh Riverbrue Alchemist Amidst Kespas JW. An excellent upstanding representave of the breed. Excellent head with kind expression. Good length of neck set on nicely laid shoulders, and good return of upper arm Strong back with depth and spring of rib. Well angled rear quarters. Covered the ground on the move. 2nd Edwards’ Gwendariff PS I Love You at Bonhomie JW. Excellent dog, racy in appearance with nice balanced proportions. Typical head with soft expression and low set ears nice straight forehand assembly and good depth of brisket. Gentle slope to topline with good tailset. Well muscled rear quarters with good angulation producing drive on the move. 3rd Dewar’s Gwendariff Here I Come.

Veteran (4/1) 1st Tuite’s ShCh Riverwood Kazatchok with Porschet JW Bel Imp. BVD. Nice dog carrying his years well. Nicely put together with balanced proportions. Good head with kind expression, dark eye and raised brows. Arched neck into clean shoulders. Good forehand. Good depth and spring of rib. Nice well angled rear quarters, moved very well considering the heat of the day.2nd Andrews’ Millcroft Moon Riot. Mature dog In his prime years. Good head on strong arched neck into well placed shoulders. Good depth of brisket. Nicely angled rear quarters. Moved well. 3rd Hyslop’s Gwendariff Justin Thyme JW.

Tony Rainey (Judge)