Open Results 2006

Best In Show Bluebyeyou Mystic Shirazi (Mortimer)
Res Best In Show Covarney Monello JW (Bailey)
Best Puppy Goldings Gypsy King (Evans)
Best Veteran Sh Ch Maolruadhan Starstruck (Pickersgill)


Minor Puppy Dog (5, 2 abs)
1 Balintyne Take a Chance On Me (Barker-Bell)
2 Gloxinia Sunny Razes (Skilton)
3 Anacardium Elixir (Carter)

Puppy Dog (4, 0 abs)
1 Goldings Gypsy King (Evans)
2 B Take a Chance On Me (Barker-Bell)
3 Wickenberry Jack’s Lad at Rionore (Randle)
Res Polmennor Bonfire (Mitchell)

Junior Dog (5, 0 abs)
1 Brabrook Classic Quest (Drinkwater)
2 Henaleas Tuscany (Edwards)
3 Janter Moon Magician of Millcroft (Walsh)
Res Derrydore Fine Design (Langley)
VHC Janter Moon Chance at Millcroft (Shankland)

Yearling Dog (3, 1 abs)
1 H Tuscany
2 D Fine Design

Beginners Dog (1, 0 abs)
1 G Sunny Razes

Maiden Dog (4, 0 abs)
1 B Classic Quest
2 Janter Manannan Mac Lir (Jones)
3 W Jack’s Lad at R
Res G Sunny Razes

Novice Dog (6, 0 abs)
1 B Classic Quest
2 H Tuscany
3 J Manannan Mac L
Res Colanme Ton Tongue Toffee (Brooks & Westerby)
VHC W Jacks’ Lad at R

Undergraduate Dog (6, 2 abs)

1 Barleydale Huntsman with Maolruadhan (Pickersgill)
2 Kerrydown Look At Me (Partridge)
3 C Ton Tongue Toffee
Res J Moon Chance at Millcroft

Graduate Dog (3, 1 abs)
1 Caspians Zhivago (Langley)
2 Colanme Wizard of Oz (Murray & Roberts)

Post Graduate Dog ( 5, 0 abs)
1 Shaytell Andante (Fauvrelle)
2 Braidmount Gentle Guy at Amberlight JW (Lucas)
3 Ixia Tanner with Konakakela (Harris & Edwins)
Res Covarney Crusader JW (Mortimer)
VHC C Wizard of Oz

Limit Dog (5, 2 abs)
1 Covarney Monello JW (Bailey)
2 Caskeys Persuader from Amberlight (Lucas) (Reserve Best Dog)
3 Ronzalda Don Magnifico JW (McDonagh)

Open Dog (3, 1 abs)
1 Konakakela Persuader (Harris & Edwins)
2 Kerryfair Cruzsanta (O’Callaghan)

Veteran Dog (6, 0)
1 Sh Ch & Ir Sh Ch Amberlight Firecracker (Lucas)
2 K Persuader
3 Kerrydown In Time (Partridge)
Res Thendara Incognito Among Ronzalda (McDonagh)
VHC Eringold Connlaoi (Graydon)

Minor Puppy Bitch (9, 0 abs)
1 Outfoxed By Kerryfair (Chorley-Newton & Chorley)
2 Kirkavagh Primera (King)
3 Shandwick Irresistable at Tifosi (Brown)
Res Glennara Chinese Whispers (Hall)
VHC Choakfords Megan with Robbielene (Budgell)

3 B Baboushka
Res Kerrydown Layla (Partridge)
VHC S Dakota Dream

Graduate Bitch (7, 3abs)
1 Barleydale Honeymoon JW (Waterton & Dowle)
2 Northamber Back In Style (Hinslea)
3 Glennara Klipspringer J (Hall)
Res Avacet Christmas Wish JW (Elkins)

Post Graduate Bitch (6, 1abs)
1 Barleydale Lulu with Maolruadhan (Pickersgill)
2 Kirkavagh Jumilla KW (King)
3 Conarney Ballai Luimni (Phillips)
Res Pennybourne Lady Emma (Leese)
VHC Amblin It Wasn’t Me (Mitchell)

Limit Bitch (11, 1abs)
1 Bluebyeyou Mystic Shirazi (Mortimer)
2 L Strands of Silk at S (Waterton)
3 Wishingtree Golden Legacy (Cregan)
Res Robbielene Keely Sh CM (Bodgell)
VHC Polmennor Village Gossip Sh CM (Roberts)

Open Bitch (6, 2 abs)
1 Glennara Fleur de Mai JW (Hall)
2 Margretwoods Perfect Peach (Wilkins)
3 Harreds Jessica by Amberlight (Brady)
Res Brabrook Waikiki Roamancer (Drinkwater)

Veteran Bitch (6, 1 abs)
1 Sh Ch Maolruadhan Starstruck (Pickersgill)
2 Sh Ch Kirkavagh Khaydara KW (King)
3 Wendover Lolita (O’Callaghan)
Res Wyldfire Eileanoir of Eringold (Graydon)
VHC Kesakasy Sea Anemone (Budd)

Brace (3, 1abs)
1 McDonagh’s

2 Harris & Edwins
3 Roberts