Open Results AUG 2011

South of England Irish Setter Club Open Show

Sunday 7th August 2011

Judge   Rosemary Ramsay

Minor Puppy Dog 1st Boutell & Humphrey Ixia Joseph – Promising puppy, well laid shoulders, chunky little body with well sprung ribs leading to good quarters.  Good bone.  Moved steadily. 2nd Sandle Cordarragh Schubert.

Puppy Dog 1st Jones & Vatcher Gwendariff Viva Las Vegas – Elegant racy dog with plenty of scope.  Good head shape with sweet expression.  Well laid shoulder, good bone with neat feet.  Lovely dark coat.  Moved well holding his topline on the move. 2nd Watts Brabrook I’m The One

Junior Dog 1st McDonagh Ronzalda Figaro –  Stood alone but handsome boy.  Well grown youngster with good bone and good depth of chest.  Well shaped head with sweet expression.  Neat feet for for a big dog.

Yearling Dog 1st Jones & Vatcher Wynjill Farmers Boy  Upstanding dog.  Good head shape.  Well laid shoulders leading to strong gently sloping topline.  Well angulated rear end.  Neat feet. 2ndFarndell Cordaragh Rembrant.

Maiden Dog 1st Cordaragh Rembrant 2nd Brabrook I’m The One

Novice Dog 1st Ronzalda Figaro 2nd Cordaragh Rembrandt

Debutant Dog 1st Wynjill Farmers Boy 2nd Ronzalda Figaro

Undergrad Dog 1st Ronzalda Figero

Graduate Dog 1st King Cataluna Hickory – Stood alone.  Neat compact dog.  Well balanced.  Well angulated front and rear.  Moved steadily.

Post Grad Dog 1st Ross Autumnglow Onyx – Stood alone.  Well balanced dog with good topline.  Well angulated at both ends.  Movement a bit erratic but wagged his tail with setter enthusiasm.

Limit Dog 1st Partridge Kerrydown My Guy J.W.SH.CM.  Beautiful dog, must be in his prime right now.  Shown in full coat and in lovely condition.  Moved really well just a little strong in the head for me.  Reserve Best Dog.

Open Dog Kennedy Ir.Sh.Ch. Glennara Coer De Lion. J.W. –   Another beautiful dog,  excellent head shape and such a gorgeous expression.  So soft but masculine at the same time.  Good workings under the eye and correct eyebrows giving that quizzical expression.  Well put together with strong topline which he kept on the move.  Moved well with drive.  Shown in good coat and condition.  Pleased to give him Best Dog and Best in Show.

Puppy Bitch 1st Allum Macarica Street Dancer Very mature young lady with good bone and well bodied.  Head needs to break.  Moved steadily for a puppy.  2nd Ross Autumnglow Virgo.

Junior Bitch 1st Humphreys Henaleas Carry On Flirting  Very nice class of young bitches.  Probably the best class of the day.  Very well balanced bitch, well made with good angulation.  Correct head shape  with the sweetest of expressions.  Good bone and neat feet.  Moved well to win the class over 2nd Prangle & Bennett Heathclare A Kind of Magic.

Yearling Bitch 1st Henaleas Carry on Flirting 2nd Heathclare A Kind of Magic

Maiden Bitch 1st Heathclare A Kind of Magic Substantial bitch with good clean lines.  Strong topline with good spring of ribs and depth of chest.  Good finish to flews.  Strong quarters. 2nd Macarica Street Dancer

Novice Bitch1st Heathclare A Kind Of Magic 2nd Brabrook Sharadiyn

Debutante Bitch 1st Heathclare A Kind of Magic 2nd Phillips Derrydore Woodlark

Undergrad Bitch 1st Heathclare A Kind of Magic 2nd Derrydore Woodlark

Graduate Bitch 1st Halls Shenanagin Stardrift at Glennara  Elegant racy bitch.  Very clean over neck and shoulders.  Strong quarters with good width to second thigh.  Lovely head with correct finish to muzzle.  Movement a little erratic today. 2nd Derrydore Woodlark

Post Grad Bitch  Another strong class. 1st Watertons Lynwood Kissed by an Angel at Sandstream J.W.SH.CM.

Well known bitch really well made.  Shown in gleaming coat and condition.  Do wish she would move with a little more enthusiasm.  Reserve Best Bitch  2nd Elkins Avacet Snowbird

Limit Bitch 1st Roberts & Bye Colanme Confection.  Substantial bitch, really well made.  Lovely head with melting expression.  Correct shape eye and eyebrows giving quizzical expression.  Moved really well with drive.  Shown in full gleaming coat to complete the picture.  Best Bitch and Reserve Best in Show 2nd Thwaites Willowglow Red Pageant.

Open Bitch 1st Fox Satlas Bleau Eyes Feminine bitch.  Very clean over neck and shoulders.  Moved well using her quarters well.  Shown in gleaming coat.  2nd Phillips Covarney Sesame.

Veteran Bitch 1st Barnes Highclare Catchfly.  7Yr old with a beautiful head with correct finish to muzzle and good ear set.  Well bodied with well sprung ribs and strong quarters.  Moved really well with drive. 2nd Watertons Lynwood Strands of Silk at Sandstream.

  Minor Puppy Dog 2  
1 Ixia Joseph – Bouttell & Humphrey
2 Cordarragh Schubert – Sandle
  Puppy Dog 5
1 Gwendariff Viva Las Vegas – Jones & Vatcher
2 Brabrook Im The One – Watts
3 Autumnglow Viva – Ross  
Reserve Macarica Lord of the Dance – Frater  
VHC Macarica Fire Dancer over Rishna – MacPherson
  Junior Dog 3 (2 abs)  
1 Ronzalda Figaro – McDonagh
  Yearling Dog 2
1 Wynjill Farmers Boy – Jones & Vatcher
2 Cordaragh Rembrant – Farndell
  Maiden Dog 3
1 Cordaragh Rembrant – Farndell  
2 Brabrook I’m The One – Watts
3 Macarica Fire Dancer over Rishna – MacPherson
  Novice Dog 4 (1 abs)  
1 Ronzalda Figaro – MacDonagh
2 Cordaragh Rembrant – Farndell
3 Brabrook I’m The One – Watts
  Debutant Dog 4 (1 abs)
1 Wynjill Farmers Boy – Jones & Vatcher
2 Ronzalda Figaro – McDonagh  
3 Brabrook I’m The One – Watts  
  Undergraduate Dog 1
1 Ronzalda Figaro – McDonagh
  Graduate Dog 2 (1 abs)
1 Cataluna Hickory – King
  Postgraduate Dog 1  
1 Autumnglow Onyx – Ross  
  Limit Dog 2 (1 abs)  
1 Kerrydown My Guy JW ShCM – Partridge
  Open Dog 3 (1 abs)
1 IR.Sh.Ch Glennara Coer De Lion JW – Kennedy
2 Riqitta Motivator – Wicks
  Veteran Dog 0  
  Minor Puppy Bitch 1 (1 abs)  
  Puppy Bitch 4 (1 abs)
1 Macarica Street Dancer – Allum
2 Autumnglow Virgo – Ross
3 Brabrook Shes All Style – Drinkwater
  Junior Bitch 6  
1 Henaleas Carry On Flirting – Humphreys
2 Heathclare A Kind Of Magic – Prangle & Bennett
3 Brabrook Sharadiyn – Drinkwater
Reserve Tatterslee Athena – Reed
VHC Brabrook Starstruck of Kerrydown – Partridge
  Yearling Bitch 3 (1 abs)
1 Henaleas Carry On Flirting – Humphreys  
2 Heathclare A Kind Of Magic – Prangle & Bennett
  Maiden Bitch 3 (1 abs)
1 Heathclare A Kind Of Magic – Prangle & Bennett
2 Macarica Street Dancer – Allum
  Novice Bitch 6 (2 abs)  
1 Heathclare A Kind Of Magic – Prangle & Bennett  
2 Brabrook Sharadiyn – Drinkwater  
3 Brabrook Starstruck of Kerrydown – Partridge  
Reserve Wynjill Harvest Wine – Thwaites  
  Debutant Bitch 5 (1 abs)
1 Heathclare A Kind Of Magic – Prangle & Bennett
2 Derrydore Woodlark – Phillips
3 Wynjill Harvest Wine – Thwaites  
Reserve Highclare Moulin Rouge – Bootland  
  Undergraduate Bitch 3  
1 Heathclare A Kind Of Magic – Prangle & Bennett  
2 Derrydore Woodlark – Phillips
3 Highclare Moulin Rouge – Bootland
  Graduate Bitch 2
1 Shenanagin Stardrift at Glennara JW – Hall  
2 Derrydore Woodlark – Phillips
  Postgraduate Bitch 6   
1 Lynwood Kissed By An Angel at Sandstream JW Sh.CM – Waterton  
2 Avacet Snowbird – Elkins
3 Hunnicote Bracken Sweetie – Fauvrelle
Reserve Settaside Jelly Bean – Fox
VHC Colanme Morgana – Robeerts  
  Limit Bitch 5 (3 abs)  
1 Colanme Confection – Roberts & Bye  
2 Willowglow Red Pageant – Thwaites  
  Open Bitch 7 (4 abs)
1 Satlas Bleau Eyes – Fox
2 Covarney Sesame – Phillips
3 Willowpond Red Pageant – Thwaites  
  Veteran Bitch 6 (2 abs)  
1 Highclare Catchfly – Barnes  
2 Lynwood Strands Of Silk at Sandstream – Waterton  
3 Ixia Isabella – Bouttell  
Reserve Blushpearl Wine from Strathmead – Thwaites
  Brace 3
1 Mr & Mrs Fox
2 Mrs Thwaites  
3 Barnes
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