Open Results June 2011


Many thanks to the committee for inviting me to judge and to the exhibitors for providing me with a lovely entry.  Apologies for judging outside in the wet conditions but movement would not have been possible to access within the confinements of the indoor facilities. Please accept my remarks as constructive criticism and with no intent to offend.  As with many breeds I found variation in type, and some straying away from the standard especially in regard to raciness which is the hallmark of this breed.  Many exhibits exceeded what I interpret the standard as being “moderate,” with exaggerations to one end of the scale in rear quarters, and being out of balance with upright “flashy” forequarters set forward beyond the sternum. This is in turn producing movement which is verging on being unfit for purpose as there is as much energy employed going up and down as there is in forward motion. All dogs were presented in beautiful clean coat condition. Mouths were generally good. As with other breeds at the moment some eye colour had a tendency to be on the lighter side. 


MP (4) 1st Jones & Vatcher’s Gwendariff Viva Las Vegas BPD.  Nice racy youngster with typical head, quite tall, sufficient forechest, excelled on the move with both reach and drive while holding his topline, lovely rich coat.  2nd O’Callaghan’s Ixia Jodiah at Merryborne.  Happy boy, nice head and well balanced overall.  Needs more training but only a baby.  Good feet and moved with reach and drive when it was possible to assess it.  3rd  Boutell & Humphrey’s Ixia Joseph.  P (3) 1st Prangle’s Heathclare Moet Magic.  Strong dog all through and well up to size. Masculine head. Rich coat in good condition, good depth of chest and well developed quarters, moved OK but front still to tighten.   2nd Richardson’s Kirkavagh Hernando.  Balanced overall, pleasing head although a little deep in flew.  Front needs to develop but good rear quarters and tailset.  3rd Frater’s Macarica Lord of the Dance.  Jun (3/1) 1st Humphreys & Oliver’s Henaleas Uptown Flirt at Bramstorm.  Medium dog quite strong in head.  Pleasing front, good topline and reasonable rear quarters.  Moved best in class.  2nd Cardwell’s Kirkavagh the Wizard.  Preferred this dog on the stand but he would not move.  Good topline and forechest, neck set OK, little overangulated at the rear in this stage of his development.  Nice coat. Yearling (7) 1st Lucas’s Irish Magic of the Trav’lin Star avec Amberlight.  Nice moderate dog with superb head properties.  Good front with sufficient forechest and depth, good neck and correct topline, pleasing rear quarters, balanced overall.  Moved best in the class and well handled.  2ndDrinkwater’s Bradbrook Shanavas.  Pleasing dog a little plain in head.  Good forechest and correct gently sloping topline to well set tail.  Strong rear quarters and moved well.  3rd H Uptown Flirt.  Maiden (2/1) 1st H Moet Magic.  Novice (1) 1st H Moet Magic.  Debutant (3) 1stH Moet Magic. 2nd Jones & Vatcher’s Wynjill Farmer’s Boy.  Tidy dog, long lean head, low set ears, good neck and reasonable shoulders, good forechest and croup, rangy at moment but moved OK.  3rd Gwilliam & Bozier’s Millcroft Poachers Moon of Victoriaview.  Undergrad (6) 1stB Shanavas.  2nd H Moet Magic.  3rd Pullen’s Brinara Back for Good.  Grad (10/2) 1st Grafton’s Bardonhill Floating Moon into Glenlaine.  Balanced dog overall in lovely coat and condition.  Reasonable head but would like a bit more work.  Would have preferred  more forechest and depth of chest but he has well angled rear quarters and a nice topline.  Tended to fly his tail but moved best in this class.  2nd Pullen & Atkin’s Harvancourt Harlem at Jacingail.  Pleasing dog showing balanced outline.  Would like a little more work in his head, good topline and rear quarters, another with a high tail carriage.  3rd Grinham’s Amblin Affinity.  PG (5/1) 1st Byrne & Edwards’ Siochanna Irish Legend.  Racy, moderate dog with long lean head, good shoulders and forechest, good coat which was flat and free from wave or curl, strong rear quarters, excellent croup and tailset and moved freely and with style.  2nd Hogarth’s Avacet Snowdrift.  Very nice balanced dog with a pleasing head, reasonable forechest and clean neck and shoulders, good topline and rear quarters, moved well.  3rd Rorke’s Cataluna Pole Position.  Limit (8/2) 1stCrosswell’s Gwendariff Mr Notice Me.  Medium sized dog full of quality.  Plenty of work in his head which tipped the balance for best dog.  Correct front, super depth through body, excellent topline and well developed rear quarters, positive, sound and free movement lashing his tail.  In super coat and condition to complete the picture.  2nd S Irish Legend.  3rd Richardson’s Kirkavagh Intermezzo.  Open (3/1) 1st Rorke’s Cataluna Captivatione to Zakhan.  Pleasing dog, nice head, strong made all through and moved soundly just not as racy as I would prefer  2ndByrne & Edwards’ Siochanna Tarquin Mr T.  Preferred this  this dog to 1 but he was not sound on the move. Typical head set on good neck.  Clean over shoulder, good front and rear quarters. Balanced overall.   Veteran (3) 1st Lucas’ Caskeys Persuader from Amberlight.  10 years old and of great type.  Racy in appearance, reasonable front and shoulders, good topline and tailset and moved the best in the class.  2nd Launchbury’s ShCh Morchale Highlander.  Another 10 year old, preferred his head, racy and balanced, flat coat, great condition for his age.  2rd Rorke’s Seatamarisk Wayfarer at Zakhan.


MP (7/1) 1st Heron’s Caskeys Delphine. Most balanced baby in class, lovely head with low set ears, clean over shoulders, showing forechest, good depth of body and good croup and tailset, well angled rear quarters with nice bend of stifle, moved the best.  2nd Roffey’s Gwendariff The Real Thing.  Real baby full of quality, beautiful head, good front and rear quarters, still has the baby roll on the move but little stunner, one to look out for, just needs some time.  3rd Rorke’s Zakhan My Lady Zanna.  P (6/1) 1st C Delphine. 2nd G Real Thing. 3rd Allum’s Macarica Street Dancer.  Junior (2) 1st Humphreys’ Henaleas Carry on Flirting.  Liked this bitch very much, great proportions and balance, little stronger in head but still feminine.  Clean outline, good depth of body and moved well.  2nd Graydon’s Follidown Meadow Saffron of Eringold.  Pleasing outline, long lean head with raised brows, little rangy at present, but presented and moved well.  Yearling (2/1) 1st H Carry on Flirting.  Maiden (4) 1st F Meadow Saffron.  2nd Prangle & Bennett’s Heathclare A Kind of Magic.  Pleasing outline, clean over shoulders, a little long in back, moved OK.  3rd Carter’s Autumnglow Venus.  Novice (3) 1st H Carry on Flirting. 2nd F Meadow Saffron.  3rd H A Kind of Magic.  Debutant (5/1) 1st Kennedy-Sloane’s Twoacres Sweet Charity. BB, BIS.  Just my type and size of bitch.  Prettiest head with plenty of work, low set ears, showing off correct head planes, gentle expression from lovely dark eyes.  Good length of neck to well laid shoulders, gently sloping topline standing and moving, excellent hindquarters with well developed first and second thighs, free and easy mover, lovely chestnut coat, really fell for her.  2nd F Meadow Saffron.  3rd H A Kind of Magic.  Undergrad (5/1) 1st Twoacres Lady of the Lake.  Nicely balanced, feminine bitch.  Good front and rear assembly, would like more work in head but moved best in this class.  2nd H Carry on Flirting.  3rd Hall’s Shenanagin Stardrift at Glennara.  Grad (3) 1st Brady’s Redding Frolic among Amberlight.  Typical head with plenty of work, clean neck and shoulders, reasonable front, good topline and rear quarters and moved well.  2nd Elkins’ Avacet Snowbird.  Close up to 1st, very nice bitch, tidy over shoulders, good type not just the front of the winner.  3rd Barnes’ Highclare Enchanted.  PG (9/2) 1st Waterton’s Lynwood Kissed by an Angel at Sandstream.  Feminine bitch of good size and lovely head with chiselling and raised brows.  Well made all through, correct topline held on the move and moved well.  2nd Fauvrelle’s Hunnicote Bracken Sweetie.  Heavier type, good work in head, strong body, good topline, moved well.  3rd Byrne, Edwards & Howelett’s Siochanna Irish Heartbeat.  Limit (8/3) 1st Prangle’s Heathclare Blin-Kin-Magic.  Pleasing bitch, feminine head, reasonable front, deep chest, strong body, longer cast but moved OK.  2nd Waterton & Dowle’s Barleydale Honeymoon.  Taller bitch with a pleasing head and good front, little lethargic on the move.  3rdS Irish Heartbeat.  Open (5/1) 1st Prangle’s Tannymac Could It Be Magic at Heathclare.  Pleasing bitch would have liked more work in her head.  Very good forechest and depth of chest, in lovely coat and condition, stylish mover.  2nd Stevenson’s Lochlorien Prime Suspect for Andley.  Liked this bitch, lovely outline but she didn’t move as well as 1st.  Liked her type and sweet head.  3rd Curtis’ Wyldfire Colleen.  Veteran (8/2) 1st Waterton’s Lynwood Strands of Silk at Sandstream.  Lovely lady, racy with good front and topline, best mover in the class.  2ndBrady’s IrShCh Harreds Jessica by Amberlight.  Pretty bitch with good neck and shoulders, moved OK.  3rd Barnes’ HIghclare Catchfly.

Brace 1st Byrne, Edward & Howletts.  Very well matched pair.  2nd Prangle’s.  Not just as well matched as 1st

Tony Rainey




Judge: Mr T Rainey (Starchelle / Trilite)



Best in Show                                     Kennedy-Sloane        Twoacres Sweet Charity

Reserve BiS:                                     Crosswell                  Gwendariff Mr. Notice Me JW

Best Opposite Sex in Show:                Crosswell                  Gwendariff Mr. Notice Me JW

Best Puppy in Show:                            Heron                     Caskeys Delphine

Best Veteran:                                      Waterton                 Lynwood Strands of Silk at Sandstream JW

Minor Puppy Dog (4,0)

1.   Jones & Vatcher                         Gwendariff Viva Las Vegas

2.   O’Callaghan                                Ixia Jodiah at Merryborne

3.  Boutell & Humphrey                     Ixia Joseph

4.  Lucas                                          Kerryfair Gets Lucky over Amberlight  


Puppy Dog (3,0)

1.  Prangle                                         Heathclare Moet Magic

2   Richardson                                    Kirkavagh Hernando

3   Frater                                           Macarica Lord of the Dance        

Junior Dog (3,1)

1.  Humphreys and Oliver                   Henaleas Uptown Flirt at Bramstorm 

2.  Cardwell                                       Kirkavagh The Wizard

Yearling Dog  (7,0)

1.  Lucas                                            Irish Magic of the Trav’lin Star avec Amberlight

2 .  Drinkwater                                    Bradbrook Shanavas JW  

3.  Bouttell and Humphrey                    Henaleas Uptown Flirt at Bramstorm

Res.  Grafton                                       Bardonhill Floating Moon into Glenlaine

VHC.  Jones and Vatcher                      Wynjill Farmer’s Boy

Maiden Dog   (2, 1)

 1.  Prangle                                        Heathclare Moet Magic

Novice Dog (1,0)

1.   Prangle                                        Heathclare Moet Magic

Debutant Dog (3,0)

1.   Prangle                                    Heathclare Moet Magic

2.   Jones and Vatcher                     Wynjill Farmer’s Boy

3.   Gwilliam and Bozier                    Millcroft Poachers Mon of Victoriaview

Undergraduate Dog (6,0)

1.  Drinkwater                                    Bradbrook Shanavas JW

2.  Prangle                                         Heathclare  Moet Magic     

3.  Pullen                                           Brinara  Back for Good   

Res.  Axon                                         Brinara  Back in the Running

VHC.  Gwilliam and Bozier                   Millcroft  Poachers Mon of Victoriaview

Graduate Dog (10,2)

1.  Grafton                                    Bardonhill Floating Moon into Glenlaine

2.  Pullen and Atkin                        Harvancourt  Harlem at  Jacingail     

3.  Grinham                                   Amblin Affinity

Post Graduate Dog  (5, 1)

1.   Byrne and Edwards                  Siochanna Irish Legend

2    Hogarth                                   Avacet Snowdrift

3.  Rorke                                       Cataluna Pole Position

Res.  Launchbury                            Morchale Celtic Warrior

Limit Dog (8,2)

1.  Crosswell                                     Gwendariff Mr. Notice Me JW

2.  Byrne and Edwards                       Siochanna Irish Legend 

3.  Richardson                                   Kirkavagh Intermezzo

Res.  Carr                                          Jacwilins Mr. Palmer

Open Dog (8,1)

1.  Rorke                                       Cataluna Captivatione  to Zakhan

2.  Byrne and Edwards                    Siochanna Tiaquin  MR. T   

Veteran Dog (3,0)

1.  Lucas                                          Caskeys  Persuade r from  Amberlight

 2. Launchbury                                 SH.CH .Morchale  Highlander JW

3.  Rorke                                          Seatamarisk  Wayfarer at  Kakhan

Minor Puppy Bitch  (7,1)

1.  Heron                                            Caskeys  Delphine 

2.  Roffey                                           Gwendariff The Real Thing

3.  Rorke                                            Zakhan  My Lady Zanna

Res.  Gwilliam and Bozier                     Victoriaview  Velvet

VHC.  Curtis                                        Caskeys  Divine with Wyldfire

Puppy Bitch (6,1)

1.  Heron                                            Caskeys  Delphine    

2.  Roffey                                           Gwendariff The Real Thing

 3.  Allum                                           Macarica Street Dancer

Res.  Prangle and Bennett                    Heathcare A Kind of Magic

VHC.  Drinkwater                                 Brabrook Sharadiyn

Junior Bitch  (2,0)

1.  Humphreys                                   Henaleas Carry On Flirting

2.  Graydon                                       Follidown Meadow Saffron of Eringold

Yearling Bitch (2,1)

1.  Humphreys                                  Henaleas Carry On Flirting

Maiden Bitch (4,0)

1.  Graydon                                      Follidown Meadow Saffron of Eringold

2.  Prangle and Bennett                     Heathcare A Kind of Magic

3.  Carter                                          Autumnglow Venus

Res.  Gwilliam and Bozier                    Victoriaview Velvet

Novice Bitch (3,0)

1.  Humphreys                                  Henaleas Carry On Flirting

2.  Graydon                                       Follidown Meadow Saffron of Eringold

3.  Prangle and Bennett                      Heathcare A Kind of Magic

Debutant Bitch (4,0)

1.  Kennedy-Sloane                            Twoacres Sweet Charity      

2.  Graydon                                       Follidown Meadow Saffron of Eringold

3.  Prangle and Bennett                      Heathcare A Kind of Magic

Res.  Bootland                                   Highclare Moulin Rouge

Undergraduate Bitch (5,1)

1.  Kennedy-Sloane                           Twoacres Lady of the Lake      

2.  Humphreys                                  Henaleas Carry On Flirting    

3.  Hall                                             Shenanagin Stardrift at Glennara   JW

Res.  Bootland                                   Highclare Moulin Rouge

Graduate Bitch (3,0)

1.  Brady                                            Reddins Frolic among Amberlight  

2.  Elkins                                            Avacet Snowbird    

3.  Barnes                                           Highclare Enchanted   

Post Graduate Bitch (9,2)

1.  Warterton                                     Lynwood Kissed by an Angel at Sandstream JW   

2.  Fauvrelle                                      Hunnicote Bracken Sweetie  

3.  Byrne, Edwards and Howlett           Siochanna Irish Heartbeat   

Res.  Launchbury                                Morchale Celtic Dawn

VHC.  Mitchell                                     Amblin Acquiesence

Limit Bitch (8,3)

1.  Prangle                                     Heathclare Blin-Kin Magic    

2.  Waterton and Dowle                  Barleydale Honeymoon JW     

3.  Byrne, Edwards and Howlett       Siochanna Irish Heartbeat       

Res.  Carter                                    Anacardium Exuberance 

VHC.  Bennett                                 Heathclare Lookin at Magic

Open Bitch (5,1)

1.  Prangle                                       Tannymac  Could It Be Magic at Heathclare JW    

2.  Stevenson                                   Lochlorien  Prime Suspect for Andley JW  

3.  Curtis                                          Wyldfire Colleen

 Res.  Graydon                                  Wyldfire Ceire of Eringold   

Veteran Bitch (8,2)

1.   Waterton                                      Lynwood Strands of Silk at Sandstream JW     

2.  Brady                                            IR SH CH Harrreds Jessica by Amberlight

3.  Barnes                                          Highclare  Catchfly      

Res.  Byrne, Edwards and Howlett        Siochanna Fennor Failinn

VHC.  Stevenson                                 Lochlorien  Miss Marple Cops Andley

Brace (3)

1.  Byrne, Edwards and  Howlett              

Sunday, June 12, 2011