Open Show Critique Jan 2018

South of England Irish Setter Club
Open Show
14th January 2018

Many thanks to the officers and committee for their very kind hospitality shown to Lyn and I and for also giving me a the opportunity of judging your lovely breed. I have been lucky to have judge Irish on many occasions at open show level since 1989, but today was the “icing on the cake”. I was delighted with the entry and thoroughly enjoyed my day, generally I found the dogs to be of a very good standard and was delighted with my overall winners, thank you all for giving me the privilege of judging your dogs. A very big thank you must go to my two able stewards who kept everything running so smoothly throughout the day. 

Minor Puppy Dog (5/0a)

1st Staratlanta Get a  Wiggle On To Marzanne – BPD

Pleasing balanced head on clean neck, good in forechest and rear angulation, his true movement one him the class.

2nd Riverbrue Galiano Fizz To Clonageera

Similar to one in size and head but not quite the strength in forequarters and topline, sound on the movement.

3rd Lynwood Hocus Pocus At Settesoli

Puppy Dog (6/0a)

1st SGAWO to M

2nd Lynwood Hocus Pocus At Settesoli

Well balanced youngster unlucky to meet 1& 2 in minor puppy, just losing out for me on overall balance and movement.

3rd Redclyst Maximus

Junior Dog (3/0a)

1st Forfarian’s Hidden Secret With Rionore

Well proportioned masculine head with correct shaped eye, well ribbed, deep in chest, would have preferred more forechest, but moved the best to win this class.

2nd Covarney Lil’Tipple At Jacingail

Typey balanced head, similar remarks as one, but just losing on movement today.

3rd Harreds Tobie Of Blaysdell

Yearling Dog (2/0a)

1st Covarney Everyone Knows – RBD

Quality young male of lovey type, excellent head proportions and length of neck, shoulders well laid, strong well angulated quarters producing drive on the move, loved his overall balance.

2nd FHS with R

Maiden Dog (3/0a)

1st SGAWO to M

2nd RGF to C

3rd Redclyst Boris

Novice Dog (2/0a)

1st Clonageera Sage

Reserve in puppy, lovely type, good in head with almond shaped eye, firm topline, adequate rear angulation, steady on the move.

2nd CL at J

Debutant Dog (2/0a)

1st CS

2nd CL at J

Undergraduate Dog (1/0a)

1st Kerrydown Odds On

Good size mature boy with plenty of substance, pleasing in head and expression, deep chest, well turned stifles, moved out well.

Graduate Dog (5/0a)

1st Gwendariff D’Ya Fancy A Fling With Covarney

Loved this boys overall balance, clean neck into well placed shoulders, strong firm topline, strong well angulated quarters with good width, very sound and true on the move.

2nd Strathmead Huckleberry Of Settesoli

Push one all the way, similar remarks apply but just preferred the stronger quarters and rear movement of my winner.

3rd Thendara The Watchmaker

Post Graduate Dog (4/2a)

1st Sandstream Just A Breeze

Lovely type with good overall balance, clean in neck and shoulders, well angulated at front and rear, moved out true from well muscled quarters.

2nd Herreds Harlie Of Blaysdell

Well coated male, another with good overall angulation, pleasing in head and eye, just out moved by one.

Limit Dog (4/1a)

1st Covarney Macaroon – BD, RBIS, BOSIS

Just loved this quality male for his excellent overall balance and confirmation, most loveliest of heads and expressions on reachy neck, correct firm topline, powerful strong quarters producing excellent reach and drive.

2nd Gwendariff The Big Atraxion JW

Well presented 4 year old with well proportioned head, not the balance and construction of one but move true with good reach.

3rd Brabrook Jagerbomb

Open Dog (1/0a)

1st Redclyst Kearney

Pleasing head with good balance, adequate length of neck, deep chest, well turned stifles, but carrying just a little extra weight today which spoilt his top line and movement,

Veteran Dog (2/1a)

1st Teramour Going For Gold ShCM – BVIS

Well balanced rising 10 year old, with plenty of substance, typey head with almond shaped eye, clean neck into good lay of shoulder, strong topline with correct tailset, well angulated quarters, moved steady and true with good reach.

Minor Puppy Bitch (8/0a)

1st Teleri Indian Summer (A.I.) BPB & BPIS

Very attractive youngster with lovey overall balance, sweetest of heads and expressions, clean neck, firm top line, good rear angulation, moved soundly and true to take this quality class of youngster.

2nd Alchriest A Taste Of Honey

Not quite the balance of one but has the same essentials as one, another with excellent movement for one so young.

3rd Covarney Summer Lovin Among Flameview

Puppy Bitch (3/2a)

1st AAT of H

Junior Bitch (5/1a)

1st Konakakela Jemimah

Excellent type with the most loveliest feminine heads and expression, reachy neck into well laid shoulders, good spring of rib, strong quarters with good muscle tone, moved out sound and true to take this competitive class.

2nd Glennara Cilleigne Dervla (Imp IKC) JW

Pushed one for the top spot but just preferred ones overall balance and movement on the day, lovely type another with feminine head and good overall confirmation.

3rd Strathmead Noelle

Yearling Bitch (5/1a)

1st Balintyne Freda Payne – RBB

Quality young lady, so feminine in head and expression, clean in neck, good lay of shoulder, firm topline into correct tailset, well ribbed, strong quarters producing sound true movement, just loved her overall balance, will watch her progress with interest.

2nd Twoacres Promise Of Spring With Avacet

Another with the most lovely feminine heads, similar remarks apply but not quite the overall balance of one but moved out sound and true.

3rd Heathclare Liberty At Crosswest

Maiden Bitch (4/0a)

1st KJ

2nd Strathmead Noelle

Lovely type who was 3rd in the competitive junior class,  lovely in head and eye well constructed with good balance, in excellent condition, but just lost out in junior to the preferred movement of 1 and 2.


Novice Bitch (3/0a)

1st KJ

2nd S N

3rd HL at C

Debutant Bitch (3/0a)

1st KJ

2nd SN

3rd Astleyview Elegant I Am

Undergraduate Bitch (3/1a)

1st Redclyst Cosette

Pretty head with correct shaped eye, good topline, slightly low tailset straight forelegs, well turned stifles, just a little unsteady on the move.

2nd Astleyview Elegant I Am

Pushed the winner hard close decision but just preferred the the slightly better construction of one.

 Graduate Bitch (9/3a)

1st Covarney Lil’Minx – BB & BIS

Lovely young female who just oozes quality and type, loveliest of heads and expressions, so well balanced with excellent confirmation, straight in front, clean reachy neck, well angulated fore and aft, loved her free flowing movement with excellent reach and drive which she used to her advantage when challenging for BIS, one to watch.

2nd Riverbrue Ophelia At Glennara JW

Another of good quality with excellent overall balance, well proportioned feminine head, so well constructed with firm topline, moving well from strong quarters but not quite the flown of one.

3rd Marzanne China In Your Hand

Post Graduate Bitch (8/0a)

1st Sandstream Summer Breeze JW

Clean in outline with feminine balanced head, straight forelegs, strong topline, well ribbed, deep chest, well turned stifles, moved with good drive sound and true, has good overall balance.

2nd Gwendariff D’Ya Like Me Best JW

Similar to one with the same essentials, very sound on the move with excellent drive from well muscled quarters, pushed the winner but just preferred the balance of one.

3rd Danaway Goody Two Shoes

Limit Bitch (4/0a)

1st Balintyne Say You Say Me

Well constructed female with excellent overall balance, well proportioned head on reachy neck, firm topline, well sprung ribs, strong quarters with good angulation, just flowed round the ring with excellent drive, shortlisted and considered for top honours.

2nd Summtime Blues For Covarney

Another with good overall balance, feminine head with correct shape eye, sloping topline into correct tailset, deep chest, good width of quarters, sound on the move although preferred the more positive movement one.

3rd Kerrydown Octavia

Open Bitch (5/1a)

1st Sandstream Welcome Breeze JW

Quality female with the most lovely feminine head and expression, adequate length of neck into sloping shoulders, straight in front, good depth of chest, firm topline, excellent turn of stifle, moved out steady and true from strong quarters, has excellent overall balance, another I shortlisted for top honours, but she just lacked the enthusiasm on the final move.

2nd Orlanset Sarah At Glenury

Good clean outline with well proportioned head, lengthy neck, well placed shoulder, straight forelegs, well sprung ribs, strong quarters, looked good on the move, lovely quality, but not the the balance of one.

3rd Ireleith Conchitta Avec Teramour

Veteran Bitch (3/2a)

1st Sh Ch Lynwood Kissed By An Angel At Sandstream JW ShCM

Quality 10 year old with the most lovely feminine head and expression, excellent in neck and shoulder, good forechest, good turn of stifle, moved out out steady enjoying her day.

Brace (1/0a)

1st Mr & Mrs Rodda’s Brace

Stood alone but worthy winners both very typey and sound on the move

 Ray Strudwick.  (Judge)