Irish Setter Show Champions in Great Britain 1947 – 1982

In 1984 the club published its now famous limited edition  “Irish Setter Show Champions in Great Britain 1947 – 1982” as a memorial to the late Mr LC James.

Before it was published orders were taken from those with a keen interest in Irish Setters. As well as the standard book subscribers were given the opportunity to order special copies which were leather bound, with the subscribers initials and in a leather slip case.

Not only are there, where possible, a head study and show pose of each setter but also it’s pedigree, details about  CCs awarded and progeny entered in the KC Stud Book.

It was obvious that the details for some setters were not complete as either they or their progeny were still being shown and in 1993 it was decided to produce annual updates in a loose leaf form to be collected in a binder. These updates are free to our members and are distributed early in the year.

Great care is taken to ensure the information included is accurate and many regard the book and the inserts as the definitive source of information for UK Show Champions. The book is now much sought after as it was a limited edition.