• Date: 28/04/2019
  • Show Type: Open
  • Judge: Bev Dummett

Falkirk & District Canine Society

Irish Setters: Puppy (4,2). 1 BPIB, Kerryfair Please please me, well balanced pup of 11 months, good head with lovely chiseling under eye, well defined occiput, correct front assembly, well presented and handled. 2, Leesett Orchard romance, slightly younger pup, full of promise but wanted to play and not so steady on move as 1, but lots to like. Grad, (4) 1st Gwendariff ur going places, have always admired this kennels setters and this one certainly lives up to his name, lovely head with chiseling and gorgeous expression, well defined occiput, good front and depth of rib, moved with reach and drive holding good topline, gleaming coat. 2, Staratlanta Shanklys fire, move mature in body and coat than 1st but not as steady today on the move. Another with lovely head and expression, clean neck, leading to well laid shoulders, deep ribcage, pressed 1 hard. 3. Lochfrae Nina simone,

Post grad (2) 1 Gwendariff gonna winsome, another aptly named exhibit, so feminine in head, well shaped eye, clean neck leading to good front assembly, well sprung ribs and strong loin, moved freely. 2, Pawsword paperback writer. Preferred head of 1st, good neck and shoulders, moved ok holding topline, lots of coat, well muscled up. Open,(1) BOB S Elliot, see group.

Group 2 was the racy Irish Setter, Staratlanta Elliott shcm, Correct head proportions, dark eye and gentle expression, good reach of neck and well laid shoulders, moved out well holding correct topline and tailset, in fabulous coat and condition, pressed 1 hard.