Rochdale & District Canine Society

20th Apr 2019

IRISH SETTERS Thank you to the committee for my appointment, and friendly welcome… Thank you to my two efficient Stewards.  Movement today was not good, and this had little to do with the uneven ground, however, my winners were sound and I was more than happy with their movement and I thank you for entering JNR 1st – Blackshaw, Mrs V,   LANSTARA RUBY SLIPPERS, Pretty girl with lovely long lean head, with soft expression, lovely dark correct shaped eye, good reach of neck, well lay back shoulders, slightly sloping firm topline, correct tail set… Presented in gleaming condition, moved well… POSTGRAD 1st – Hart, Mr G J & Mrs G A GWENDARIFF IN THE LIMELIGHT WITH GILLIEGRAE JW ShCM I like this boy, not a big one, however, perfectly balanced… Strong head, skull broader than I would like, however, does possess a soft expression, with a dark correct shape eye… Strong bone all through, straight front, deep chest, good spring of rib, well muscled hindquarters, which are strong and powerful on the move, keen to go but kept his topline on the move, beautifully presented and handled very well, close decision in the challenge, just preferred the head of BOB… thank you for bringing him… 2nd – Smith, Mr D T SHELINDAIR THE RED SCUDERIA, Strong broad skull, dark correct shaped eye, enough sturnum, however, would prefer a better lay back of shoulder, deep chest, would prefer a firmer topline, correct tail set, his straight front and well placed hindquarters standing, belied his erratic movement for and aft, I liked his dark coat, handled very well…  3rd – Butcher Mr M OLDSTONE OCEANS ELEVEN Dog and handler were complete novices with little or no training and it showed, however, his movement what little I could see of it, was good… May I kindly suggest that exhibitor go to training classes as they could both achieve some fun learning the rudiments of showing…  OPEN 1st – Blackshaw, Mrs V LANSTARA SPRING STAR JW not a flashy girl, balanced and sound and strong all through, lovely long lean balanced head, with oval shaped skull, straight front with enough sturnum, deep chest with tucked in elbows, well laid back shoulders, firm topline, with gentle slope leading to correct set on of tail… Strong well angulated hindquarters, giving sound driving action… BOB 2nd – Smith, Mr D T, SHELINDAIR THE RED SCUDERIA 3rd – Butcher Mr M, OLDSTONE OCEANS ELEVEN